When in Doubt Call Dad/Mum


A. Well, let us answer that with a few questions...

1. Do you remember reluctantly calling this parent on numerous doubtful occasions to ask for advice or to confirm they were unfortunately right?

2. Did your facial expression look exactly like this when listening to the "I bloody told you so,/Why are you so hard of hearing?" lecture?

3. Or perhaps you made this call once and never bothered again and happily experienced life suffering in silence :)

Either way - I'm sure this will bring back a few memories for both you and them!

Each card is 105mm x 148mm
Heavyweight 340gsm stock
Sustainably sourced
Light satin finish, left uncoated and blank on the inside for you personal message

UK delivery, will be in your hands within 1-3 days
EU delivery will be in your hands within 5 days
US/Canada will be in your hands within 10 days
Australia/Rest of World will be in your hands within 14 days

(Pretty obvs- but pleeease order within good time of the special occasion it's needed for!)

Much Love X

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